Want a future with no power bills?

Power your home with magnetic energy and start saving on your electricity bills, reducing your emissions, and earning money selling electricity back to the grid.

Founded in 2015, GraphEnergy Ltd (ABN 92 608 290 366), now among most recognizable magnetic generator companies, was established to develop and re-sell the world’s leading magnetic generator using own Know-How and our Partners patented technologies.

Few years of successful scientific-research and development.

We remain devoted to the production of high quality and efficient energy consumption.



Magnetic energy home generatorWorld’s first powerful and efficient 10kWh magnetic home generator INFINITI MG10 currently on public market and could be ordered through our web-site.

INFINITY MG10 magnetic generator assembles in Seoul, S. Korea.
10kWh unit will work 24/7 within 20 years lifespan.

Description and video

Know-how is a symbiosis of permanent magnets and bifilar coils.
Bifilar coils are installed with a specific shifted angle to convert the parasitic current into usable energy.
Permanent magnets are required to maintain the rotation.

Initial start is performed by a battery or any other external source of energy. After a minute or so when the device achieves needed RPM the external sources of energy can be unplugged.

The device is able to work in autonomous mode and maintain its RPM in optimized mode by asynchronous motor with a special software, which controls RPM. The output power depends on the speed of rotation (RPM). 50% of the generated energy will be spent by motor, while the remaining 50% can be used by the consumer for his own purposes. For example, the device of 6kW is capable of producing 3kW for consumer, another 3kW will be spent to maintain required RPM at full load.

The Know-how device can be made for any type of voltage output with frequency of 50-60Hz.

  • 380V 3-phase 50-60Hz
  • 220V 50-60Hz
  • 110V 50-60Hz

Electromagnetic generator will be produced in 3kW power output.
If a larger power generator is needed then 2 or more power generators can be connected and synchronized to produce 6kW, 9kW or more.

Production cost will be cheaper than production of wind turbines or solar panels.
On average depending on the region the generator will pay for itself in 1-2 years.
Small size compare to other power generating systems with the same power output.
Special installation is not required.
Mobility. Can be easily moved to any location.

  • Dimensions: 500x300x400 mm
  • Weight: ~120kg


1MW (1000kWh) magnetic generator-module IMPULSE MG1000 for small to large size renewable energy compacted power stations. Will install in 10ft container or two inside 20ft container.

IMPULSE MG1000 will assembled in Yatala, QLD, Australia, from local and imported parts.
This largest 1MW magnetic generator-module is for production & re-sell electricity to Energy (as Energex) and Mining Companies only, is remotely controlled via Internet & satellite.


Voltage Three Phase 415V, 50Hz
Main power 1280 кVA / 1024 кW
Standby power 1408 кVA / 1126 кW
Stator magnetic 800 pcs of magnets
Rotor with bifilar 1600 pcs of reels
Operating temperature -40C +50C
Working temperature Up to +80C
Startup time 30 sec
Voltage Stability ± 0,25%
Battery capacity 800 Amp/h
Starter 150A 12V
Cooling system capacity 230 L
Dimensions of the power plant open type 1500 x 2200 x 2000 mm
Mass of power plant open type *** 5500 Kg
Noise Level 70 dBA at 2 meters


between 10kWh solar panels set and 10-30kWh magnetic generator

10kWh solar panel set

10kWh magnetic generator

Cost $9900-$14,300 Cost $18,900
Number of Panels up to 40
Installation on roof/land is required
Required Area: up to 65m2
Installation is NOT required, keep internally inside garage
Required Area: 0.6m3
Payback Period up to 5 years Payback Period up to 2 years
Savings: up $700 per bill cycle Savings: 100% FREE energy
10kWh solar panel set 10kWh magnetic generator
Solar system generates: 44 units per day.
However, how much power 10kW system generates depends on two key factors – your geographic location and the orientation and tilt angle of your solar panel array. It generates more power in summer than in winter, and sunnier locations yield better results than those experiencing higher cloud levels. In average 6,5 hours at daylight, at night time it doesn’t work.
Panels will never run at 100 per cent efficiency. Shading or dirt on just one of the cells in a solar panel causes a loss of power from many cells, not just the one that is covered.
10kWh magnetic generator produces an electricity 24/7 365 days per year
Lifespan 20 years
Not depends from environmental, as sun, wind, sea waves, underwater current & etc…
Noise: N/A Noise: 70dB from 1m.
Additional income from selling electricity back to the grid: $0. Additional income from selling electricity back to the grid:

5kWh can use for house & other 5kWh can sold via grid:
5kWh x 24h x 365 days x $0.07 (min) = $3,066

Full cost, $18,900, of 10kWh magnetic generator will repaid within 6 years.
Within above period remaining 5kWh of electricity is FREE.

Average house in Australia consumes 5-6kWh.
Our 10kWh magnetic generators are producing electricity 24 hours per day and very suitable for farmers cold storages, hotels/motels, hospitals (as emergency), for houses in remote area, islands, bitcoin mining farms & etc…
Our 10kWh magnetic generators can controlled via Internet or satellite.